Unfairness of some property sellers makes Turkey less attractive for investors

January 31, 2010 Debts Collection Development Center will start public phase of the debts collection which is rather unordinary for Russian debts collection practice.

The matter is that the debt is related to the purchase of the real property – the apartments, located in the living residence near Olea Clup 4* Hotel. The creditor is Russian citizen who had paid the advance payment according to the Agreement for the sale of the immovable property, but not received the property rights in time. Further Client’s claims based on the rights for refund of advance payments according to the mentioned Agreement were ignored by the seller Mefra Gülteş and Advocate Mehmet Sinop Bar Registration no: 742 (according to the Agreement he was a PURCHASER’S ATTORNEY and Solicitor) because of probable unfair cooperation.

The significant feature of this debts collection is usage of PR and information technology intended to motivate the opponents to settle this problem in compromise manner, and also protect Russian and European investors against such schemes which are not quite legal by our opinion.

According to Debts Collection Development Center Client’s opinion, the problem with the property purchase has arisen because of poor service provided by advocate Mehmet Sinop and his probable collaboration with the seller. In spite of the number of claims for refund, the seller still has not refund the money. It should be mentioned that this situation could negatively affect Bodrum and whole Turkey as an investment opportunity.

Within the collection PR campaign we plan to spread the information over Russian, European and Turkish mass media. We have to start the public phase because we have applied to Turkish Government and Municipal Bodies and also to Mugla Bar Association, but our applications were almost ignored. This situation raises the question of whether these Bodies really care about advocates — solicitors reputation and Bodrum attractiveness for investors.

Contacts of the persons and bodies mentioned:
Mr. Mehmet Kocadon, Mayor of Bodrum
Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency
Mugla Bar Association
Contacts of the creditor advocate:
Debts Collection Development Center (Moscow, Russia)
www.corpcollection.ru, info@corpcollection.ru

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